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Madd Gear Pro VX7 Nitro Complete Scooter

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It’s hard to upgrade the Nitro Scooter each year when it already features the best parts available but Madd gear has managed to fit some awesome new spec upgrades in with a brand new graphic application process. The VX7 Nitro is also now fitted with their most popular bars - the Upsweep Fluted T! The MGP VX7 Nitro deck continues to evolve increasing strength and eliminating weight using the highest quality 6061 T4 and T6 Heat Treated alloy in a 4.5” wide internally fluted deck with a 3 degree concave. Graphic wise, They went back to there anodizing but plain is the new. Upgrades include larger 24” W x 25” T Upsweep Fluted T-Bar, strong 120mm High Rebound Extruded Alloy Vicious Core Wheels and an over complete package that'll leave your friend and fellow riders staring in awe!

Deck: Integrated 20.5” L x 4.5” W Heat Treated & Fluted with 3° Concave.
•Fork: Threadless 3D Forged 6061 Alloy Fork with Cutouts.
•Headset: MFX Integrated & Sealed IHC.
•Bars: 24” W x 25” H Alloy Oversized Upsweep Fluted T-Bar.
•Wheels: 120mm Extruded Alloy Anodized Cores.
•Weight: 8.0 lbs.