Aventon Mataro Low Track Frame 2017

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We know our crowd, and we know that you know track bikes. You appreciate the slight nuances and clean lines of fixed gear, and throw yourself into the history of what a track bike is. With you in mind we created the Mataro Low, our hallmark Mataro frameset with special low-pro geometry. The Mataro Low features a top tube that slopes towards the head tube, a style that has been a performance favorite among track racers for decades. When you’re looking to stand out with that extra edge, look to the Mataro Low. The Mataro Low is back with its signature aggressive pursuit geometry. We have also added more color options to accompany this beautiful style frame. Accompanying the reputable black and white colors this year, are few more that are guaranteed to stand out from the pack.


FRAME: 2017 Aventon Mataro Low Aluminum Track Frame
HEADSET: 1-1/8" Headset