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Critical Cycles Catham-3 Step Thru Women Beach Cruiser

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You want simple and functional? Easy and elegant? Minimal maintenance and a ton of charm? We’ve got the bike for you. The Chatham-3 Ladies’ three-speed beach cruiser is equipped with a three-speed internal hub and foot operated coaster brake for effortless riding.

With three gears, riding around town, up and through hilly areas is a breeze. The Sturmey Archer three-speed internal rear hub protects the fragile pieces of your drivetrain from external threats, like mud, dampness, and muck. Sturmey Archer is a time-trusted supplier that has been producing top of the line drivetrains for over 100 years.

The grip-twist shifter simplifies switching gears with a twist of the wrist. Never sacrifice your safety or control over your ride by keeping your hands on your handlebars at all times. This style of shifting in conjunction with the internal rear hub means accuracy and efficiency.

The Chatham-3 Ladies’ cruiser exudes a classic beachy vibe with its comfort-oriented design. The timeless step-thru frame is made of steel for better shock absorption and a softer ride. The frame style has a lower standover height, which means getting on and off the bike is easier. The saddle is extra wide to supports your weight more evenly. The handlebars are high to encourage a more upright riding position, reducing pressure on your back and shoulders. We’ve put Wanda tires on this bike because they grip the road really well. They’re also thicker, which means they’ll better absorb vibrations reverberating through the bike. This beach cruiser also has an intuitive pedal-operated coaster brake.

Life’s a beach. Then you ride.

*All of our bikes have a weight limit of 220 lbs.


Frame & Fork
Critical Cycles Ladies' Step-Thru Cruiser Frame
Sturmey Archer Three-Speed Internal Hub
Coaster (Step-Back) Brake
30mm Alloy Rims
Wanda 26" x 2.25
Front Hub
KT Loose Ball
Rear Hub
KT Coaster Brake
One Piece with 165mm Chain Arm
KMC C1 1/2 x 1/8 102L
Hard Plastic with Boron Steel Axle
Critical Cycles Swingback Bars
Coastal Comfort Saddle