Rolf Prima-Vigor FX Track Wheel-Fixed Gear Bike Wheels

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Working with pro track rider, Dean Tracy, Rolf Prima has taken paired spokes to the track. Low spoke count and high spoke tensions on stiff deep section aero rims, the alloy Track wheels are ideal for training and racing. Choose from a tubular or clincher rim option.

The 31mm deep, single cavity, aero rim profile and narrow spoke bed significantly decreases the weight of the Track rim while providing the stiffness required for the velodrome. Both front and rear hubs utilize oversize flanges to increase the lateral stiffness over traditional hubs. The hubs are fully CNC machined and feature oversized steel axles, increasing the wheel durability and stiffness.

Wheel size: 700c
Weight: Clincher 1805gm set [845gm/960gm]
Weight: Tubular 1790gm set [835gm/940gm]
Spoke count: bladed 16F/20R
Rim: 31mm deep alloy clincher or 30mm alloy tubular
Hubs: Track threaded track spline, 120mm
Category: Track
US Retail: $699

[Q] Do the wheels come assembled? 
[A] Wheels come with hubs, spokes, and rim strips assembled.  If you purchase tensioners or a free wheel, that will need to be assembled.  Please also note, tubes and tires are NOT included.  Although assembly is possible to do yourself, Mr. Bikes HIGHLY encourages having a professional assemble your bicycle.  If you want to get the most out of your bicycle, have it assembled by a professional it’s an easy investment to have your bike ride smoothly, last a long time, and OPERATE SAFELY! You wouldn’t try to unprofessionally assemble your own computer, transmission, or house, so don’t do it to your bicycle! 
[Q] What is the hub spacing on the bicycles? 
[A] The front and rear spacing on our bicycles is 105mm and 120mm, respectively.X