Throne x Da Goon Pre-Order Now!

After much long-awaited anticipation, We are excited to announce that The Throne GOON is now available for Pre-Order! Don’t sleep on it, this very limited supply will sell out quick! 

In collaboration with one of LA's urban cyclists and underground MCs, they created an developed a seamless introduction into the 29" urban street bike culture with BlocBoi Fame, this is his signature edition with close attention to detail we added a Gold Badge. Our new Goon 29" fixed gear urban bike is meant for the streets and overall shredding! It comes equipped with a 16T fixed cog and rear brake but with multiple ways to set it up you can run it brakeless, freewheel, dirt, wheelie shredder, it is a platform for pretty much anything you want to run the streets. With large tires and hard riding, it can handle trails, jumps, wheelies and that courier life in the city. #THRONETAKEOVER #RUNTHESTREETS 

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