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OnGuard Pit Bull DT U-Lock w.4 Cinch Loop Cable

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OnGuard: Pitbull DT U-Lock w/4' Cinch Loop Cable $59.99
The OnGuard Pitbull DT is a PitBull STD U-Lock double-teamed with 4 foot fully coated, braided steel cable allows user to leave front wheel on bike and extra locking versatility. X4P locking mechanism offers superior protection.Shackle Dimensions: 115mm x 230mm (W x H x Diam) (4.53" x 9.06") x 14mm (0.55") D Cable Dimensions: 120cm x 10mm(4' x 0.39")
Security Rating: 80 | Lock Series: Pitbull | Technology: X4P
Power Sport Protection Offer: $751 | Bike Protection Offer: $2251 | For Powersports: Yes
For Bikes: Yes
Additional Features: Lighter than Brute Mini but with the advantages of X4P Locking Mechanism. Perfect for fast commuters or bike messengers who are weight sensitive. 5 laser cut keys (1 micro-light and 4 extra grip keys) Micro-light key projects a bright white beam, Snap Lock Quick Release multi-position mounting bracket.0